Calling all 2018 Graduates! Info on Graduation Celebration

Are you planning on participating in the Sociology Department Graduation Celebration or the UW Husky Stadium Commencement (or both!)?

Save the dates!
Weds, June 6th, 2018 at 7 pm for the
Sociology Graduation in Meany Hall

Sat, June 9th, 2018 at 1:30 pm for the
UW Commencement at Husky Stadium

Here’s some info on registration for graduation:

  1. Make sure you have filed a graduation application with your academic adviser in Sociology (and also a second major or second degree adviser, if you have one)
    The deadline to file your graduation application in Advising is Friday, April 13th!

    Not sure if you’ve done a graduation application?
    Just run a Degree Audit and at the top if it says “Graduation Date: Not Found” then you need to make an appointment with Sociology Advising pronto!

  2. Registration for both the UW Commencement and the Sociology Graduation Celebration are from May 2nd to May 20th and there will be links to register for both opened at that time. (Note: the Catalyst survey on our website opens on May 2nd, but not before)

    If you plan to participate in both graduations, you must register for both ceremonies separately

  3. Have questions? Check out our FAQs



The Graduation Celebration is open to students who graduated in Autumn 2017 or Winter 2018, and students who have applied formally to graduate in Spring or Summer 2018

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