UW + Microsoft Mentors for A&S Majors

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LinkedIn has identified over 4,400 UW alumni working at Microsoft, and they come from all majors and degree programs. For students in the UW College of Arts & Sciences, understanding roles for liberal arts backgrounds at tech companies might seem challenging because there is not a prescribed, linear route for the majority of our majors. This program will change your perspective on what the world of work looks like, not just at a tech company but through the lens and guidance of diverse professionals interested in helping you better understand professional life after your undergraduate degree.

Priority application deadline: April 23, 2018

More information + application: c21.uw.edu/microsoft


  • Mentoring will take place during autumn quarter 2018
  • Students will travel to the Microsoft campus in Redmond for mentor meetings
  • Mentoring will be in small groups of students meeting with a professional at Microsoft
  • Explore topics related to professional preparation and growth, networking and feedback
  • Gain insight and guidance about career paths based on goals, skills, background, strengths and personality
  • This program is not a recruitment or placement program, but a mentoring opportunity to discover relationships between tech and non-technical degrees
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