Check out these Summer SOC Classes!

Still looking to round out your summer class schedule?
Check out these Sociology courses:

siberian-husky-1771667_1920This husky knows how awesome SOC classes in the Summer are!

SOC 456- Political Sociology (A-Term!)
Monday—Thursday 10:50 — 1:00pm (A-Term only)
SLN 13440
Course Flyer- SOC 456

SOC 401A- Brogrammers and Geek Girls: Decoding Gender Inequality in the 21st Century Tech Industry
Tuesday / Thursday 1:10 — 3:20pm
SLN 13438
Course Flyer- SOC 401A

SOC 201- Society and the Environment
Monday/Wednesday 1:10-3:20 PM
SLN 13419
Course Flyer- SOC 201A

SOC 225- Data and Society: Big Data and Digital Life
Tuesday and Thursday 1:10—3:20
SLN 14305
Course Flyer- SOC 225


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