Week 3 – Resources to Keep Your Momentum Going!


Ah yes – Week 3 of Autumn Quarter means that you’re getting pelted with (1) rain, and (2) responsibilities. The Advising Office and the Sociology Writing Center are always here to help, but we’ve gathered a few more resources to help you all manage your ever-expanding to-do list. You’re on your own with the rain, though.

Statistics Tutor and Study Center. The Statistics Department hosts the Statistics Tutor and Study Center, which provides free drop-in tutoring for statistics classes across the university (INCLUDING THE SOC211, STAT221, & STAT311). For more information, please see our blog post or visit the Center’s website.

Odegaard Writing and Research Center. While the Sociology Writing Center is by far the greatest writing center on campus (according to an “unbiased” source), sometimes you need to meet late, our appointments are unavailable, or you just need the research advice of library staff. If so, the OWRC is a great resource for you. For more information, see our blog post or visit the OWRC website.

Small Group Career Coaching. The Career and Internship Center is, once again, offering a series of small group coaching sessions designed for students in the College of Arts and Sciences. These sessions cover topics like finding a job, talking about your strengths, how to translate your skills from your major, and many more. For more information, see our blog post or visit their website.

In addition to these resource, we have a couple other reminders to share with you:

Be The Match. Don’t miss this important film screening and discussion about the role race plays in medicine. The event, 05 November at 5:30pm, will feature our own Alexes Harris, who will be there sharing her experience and talking about the essential need for multiethnic donors and donors of color worldwide. See our blog post for more.

Featured Graduate. Our inaugural Featured Graduate post will appear today! Come back to meet 2015 alum Maggie Yuse, and hear her insights about the value of her sociology degree and how it helped her transition into a career in local government.

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