Winter 2019 Course – Are Do-Gooders doing Good?


Each quarter, the Carlson Leadership and Public Service Center offers a variety of courses for students who are involved in or curious about community-based engagement. This Winter, they will be offering “Are Do Gooders Doing Good? Critical Perspectives on Civic Engagement,” a course that is ideal for students at any level who have experience with service and who are interested in exploring what it means to do good.

This course will provide students with a hands-on opportunity to critically reflect on their own service experiences through personal and academic lenses, engage with ethical frameworks for community-based work, and learn from the experiences of local and historical community leaders. The course will draw upon current issues/events affecting various communities at large, as well as students’ involvement in service and will weave these together with elements of other academic coursework and future academic/career goals.

For additional information and an add code, please email

WIN 2019

GEN ST 344 A, SLN 15016, Service Learning Course

TH 3:30-5:20. LOW 118, 3cr, CR/NC

Are Do-Gooders doing Good: Critical Perspectives on Service and Community Engagement


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