Sociology Course Offerings for Winter Quarter 2019


Even though we’re only halfway through with Autumn Quarter, registration for Winter Quarter is upon us! As you’re planning your schedule and thinking about what courses to take, here are some of the highlights being offered by the Sociology Department:

  • Power (SOC201B).  A great class for those interested in how the dynamics of power shape society. Restrictions: Freshmen and Sophomores only for Period 1, Juniors and Seniors for Period 2.
  • Brogrammers and Geek Girls (SOC201C). This course explores gender issues within the tech industry, including exclusion, sexism, and harassment? Restrictions: Freshmen and Sophomores only for Period 1, Juniors and Seniors for Period 2.
  • Statistics for Social Science (SOC221). In a gift from the scheduling gods, Winter 2019 will be one of the only quarters in which Stats is offered in the afternoon. So, if you’re not a morning person and need the credit, now’s the time! Much like Cinderella at midnight, Stats will go back to its usual morning sport in the Spring. Restrictions: SOC Majors only for Period 1.
  • Sociology of Religion (SOC357).  Interested in thinking about the relationship between religion and society? Considering applying to Prof. Susan Pitchford‘s study abroad in Rome for Spring 2019? This course is a great introduction to the sociological study of religion! Restrictions: SOC Majors only for Period 1; no Freshmen.
  • Criminology (SOC371). This course provides an overview of the field of criminology, and a great course if you took and enjoyed SOC271. Restrictions: SOC Majors only for Period 1; no Freshmen.
  • Crime, Politics, and Justice (SOC372). This course examines the intersection of society, politics, and the criminal justice system. This is an especially useful course for students considering law school and/or who are also involved in the LSJ department. Restrictions: SOC Majors only for Period 1; no Freshmen.
  • Justice for Women, Justice by Women (SOC401A). This course examines the many roles that women play in the criminal justice system, and explores the intersection of gender and justice. Restrictions: SOC majors only; no Freshmen.
  • Sociology of Migration (SOC401C)  Migration and migrants have become a central topic of discussion in the modern world, and this course gives students a chance to explore the broad sociological study of migration, from the motivation to migrate up to and including how migrants integrate into their new countries. Restrictions: SOC Majors only for Period 1; no Freshmen.
  • Education Practicum (SOC402). This experiential learning course combines hands-on work in local schools with critical reflections about the practical and theoretical issues in education. This course will not be offered Spring 2019. Restrictions: SOC Majors only for Period 1; no Freshmen or Sophomores; students who have taken SOC494A or SOC494B are not eligible to take this course for credit.
  • Political Sociology (SOC456) interested in understanding the social forces that influence and shape a society’s political system? Restrictions: SOC majors only; no Fresman. 
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