Leadership Without Borders – Support for Undocumented Students


Leadership Without Borders (LWB) was created with Undocumented Students in mind and with the mission to serve as a launch pad for students’ leadership, a space for community building, and a connection point for awareness as well as to resources and services for undocumented students. The program seeks to foster an atmosphere designed to provide both aspiration and inspirational aspects for multi-ethnic, multi-identity, and multi-national communities.

Leadership Without Borders’s mission is to create an empowering, inclusive, equitable, and supportive culture for undocumented students at the University of Washington and beyond. The program offers a textbook lending library, a faculty-student mentorship program, a peer support network, emergency aid, and much more, including resources for parents and families of Undocumented Students.

To learn more about the program and the services it offers to support Undocumented Students, please visit the Leadership Without Borders website or make an appointment to meet with LWB staff.



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