Welcome to a Wet Week 9!

Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break, everyone! As you can see, the rain has finally descended on Seattle, so grab your raincoats, rubber galoshes, and umbrellas (unless you’re from the area…then just enjoy getting wet, I guess?) because it’s gonna be like this for months.

 I hope you all got some much needed rest, as the rest of the quarter is going to FLY BY. There’s just a few things we’d like to bring to your attention.

  • Career Center. It might be nearly the end of the quarter, but the Career Center is still offering great support for students planning for their careers. This week, they’re hosting both Small Group Coaching for Transfer Students on Thursday and Pre-Health Drop-In Coaching on Friday
  • November Featured Graduate. Keep an eye out this week – we’ll be introducing you all to our November Featured Graduate – Jeffrey Cornejo, ’16.
  • Mental Health Services. It’s the end of the quarter – papers are due, exams are looming, and stress is at a peak. We just wanted to remind you all that UW provides a lot of resources to support your mental health. If you’re struggling, if you want some help, if you feel overwhelmed – don’t hesitate to visit the Mental Health Clinic in Hall Health, or try the Counseling Center in Schmitz Hall. Don’t forget about the Let’s Talk program too – perfect for those who are unsure about mental health counseling or if you’re looking for a more informal meeting.

Good luck staying dry this week! And if you need anything, we in the Sociology Advising Office are here to help!

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