Odegaard Writing and Research Center

While the Sociology Writing Center should always be your first stop for any writing assistance (you know, because I’m AWESOME), our limited hours means that there are times during the quarter when our appointments are all booked. In case you ever need some writing help when that happens, we wanted to tell you about your next option: the Odegaard Writing and Research Center.

The OWRC is an interdisciplinary center that offers free, one-to-one peer writing and research support for UW students. They will work with any writer, on any projects, in any discipline, and at any phase in the process. OWRC appointments are 45-minute consultations with peer tutors from a range a disciplines. To learn more about the diverse range of majors, languages, and backgrounds that our tutors bring, visit the staff bio website here.

The OWRC also offers support for international and multilingual students through their Targeted Learning Communities (TLCs). TLCs are weekly, small group tutoring for three to five international and multilingual students from the same course. TLC groups support students’ classroom learning, combine personal goals with academic goals, and create long-term learning communities. If you are interested in joining a TLC,
please email Hannah Farrell, Targeted Learning Communities Coordinator, at farreh2@uw.edu.

The OWRC is one of the many resources available to you, so if you can’t come see me, I sincerely hope you go talk to them! And, like with the Sociology Writing Center, the OWRC can get very busy, so make your appointments early!

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