Happy Week 4!

Welcome to Week 4, dear majors! Here’s a fun fact: for most of this week, Seattle will be among the warmest 25% of the country. I mean, that doesn’t mean the weather here is actually going to be good, it’s just nice to have a little perspective!

As always, we’re here to highlight some important information you should all be aware of. Here’s the Hit List for this week:

  • New Major Paperwork. If you were able to attend the New Major Orientation but have not yet completed your new major paperwork, TODAY is the last day of drop-in advising.
  • New Major Paperwork, Part II. If you were unable to attend New Major Orientation, we’ve got you covered. Make an appointment ASAP to come see Susanna or Maura (appointments available starting Tuesday, 05 Feb).
  • Sociology Honors Program – Info Session. Next Thursday, 07 February, we will be hosting an information session tell you all about the Honors Program. If you’re looking for a challenge, are interested in conducting your own research, or want to build working relationships with other highly motivated students – or, ideally, all three!! – this program is an extraordinary opportunity to grow as a student, as a research, and a scholar. For more information, see the Honors Program website.

That’s all for now. Hope you all “enjoy” the “nice” weather while we have it!

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