Scholarship Workshops This Week

The Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards is offering several workshops this week and next that will be helpful to undergraduate students preparing to apply for scholarships and other programs. Here’s some more info about each of the workshops they’ll be holding:

Personal Statement Writing Workshop:

Scholarships, summer programs, major admissions and graduate/professional programs often ask applicants to write a personal statement or application letter. This type of writing requires you to outline your ideas, plans and strengths confidently and concisely, which can be challenging. Join us to get started brainstorming, drafting and strategizing how your statement can provide evidence of your interests and achievements that aren’t reflected in other parts of an application.

Thurs., Jan. 31 | 4:00–5:00 p.m. | MGH 171

Let us know you’re planning to attend.

Scholarship Information for Transfer Students:

Discuss application tips and tricks, as well as information on selected scholarships transfer students need to be aware of early in their UW studies.

Tues., Feb. 5 | 5:00–6:00 p.m. | Online via Zoom

Let us know you’re planning to attend.

Scholarship Fridays:

Fridays at 1:30pm during winter quarter you have the opportunity to learn more about scholarships! This quarter learn about Getting Started with scholarships, the Mary Gates Endowment for Students and the Gilman Scholarship. Check out our calendar for the session schedule!

Friday, Feb. 1 will feature the Mary Gates Leadership & Research Scholarships. Friday, Feb. 8 will feature the Gilman Scholarships for study abroad.

When: Fridays | 1:30pm

Where: MGH 171

Learn more.

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