Participants Needed for Research Study – Woke about Coke?

In the middle of all this snow, have you seen any of that other white powder around campus? This study needs your input!

We’ve posted about the Sociology Honors Program before, emphasizing that it’s a great opportunity to grow as a scholar and to do your own research. Now here’s your chance to participate in one of those studies!

Senior Honors Student Anna Lewi is conducting research to understand how college students today think about recreational cocaine use and their beliefs regarding the effects of cocaine use. This study will have important implications for future prevention measures designed to help keep college students safe.

Students who choose to participate in this study will complete an anonymous online survey that is approximately 20 questions long and will take between 5-10 minutes to complete. To be eligible to participate, you must be (1) a UW student (2) between the ages of 18-29.

If you are interested in completing the survey, please follow the survey link. Your participation will be an important contribution toward understanding how substance use is perceived by college students today – not to mention you’ll be helping a fellow Husky AND Soc Major reach her study goals and finish her degree!!

Anna will be presenting this research as her Honors Thesis at the Mary Gates Symposium in the Spring, so you’ll also have the chance to learn about the results of her study (as well as find out what a polished Honors Thesis looks like)!

Anna is passionate about this project, and is happy to talk to anyone about the research she is conducting. If you have any questions about the study, please contact Anna at

Senior Honors Student Anna Lewi (with literal snow)

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