Week 7: Respawn

All of us after last week

Now that Snowmageddon 2019 is finally over, it’s time to reemerge from our bunkers and try to finish this whole “Winter Quarter” thing with a lot more Quarter and a LOT less Winter. And the calendar gods even gave us a 4-day week to ease us all back into routine life!

Here in the Advising Office, we’re still scrambling to finish catching up on the work we missed and appointments we’ve had to reschedule. Here are the headlines we’d like to bring to your attention this week as you all recover from your own snow interruptions:

  • Registration. Registration for Spring 2019 has begun, and I’m sure you all have questions. If you want some registration advice, you’ll need to make an appointment – and make your appointments early. Our Advisors’ schedules are pretty full, but if you’re patient, we’ll find space for you!
  • Honors Info Session – Next Week. Have you considered the Sociology Honors Program? If you have any interest in joining the Honors cohort and doing your own research, make sure you attend our info session on Tuesday, 26 Feb, from 2:00pm-3:00pm in Savery 409. Members of the Advising Office and current Honors students will be there to answer any questions you may have. For more information, see our posts about the Info Sessions or the Honors Program itself.

That’s it for this week – short but sweet. Good luck, Majors, as you get back on track after the snowpocalypse and start thinking about the end of the quarter!

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