Labor Studies Courses – SP19

The Labor Studies program is happy to announce two courses next quarter that might be relevant to you!

Labor Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study focusing on the importance of labor to the economic, social, political, and cultural evolution of modern societies. If you are interested in Labor Studies, the two foundational courses for the Minor are being offered in SPRING 2019:

 HSTCMP 249 / POL S 249 / SOC 266: Introduction to Labor Studies(5 cr) – MW 8:30-9:50(I&S), no prerequisites, Instructor: Mathieu Dubeau 

HSTAA 353: Class, Labor, and American Capitalism (5 cr) – TTh 1:30-3:20(I&S,DIV), no prerequisites, Instructor: James Gregory

If you are interested in a Labor Studies Minor, taking either course fulfills the Labor Studies required course, and the other credits in the minors are electives! Please check out or long list of electives here:

Note: the Introduction to Labor Studies is cross-listed with Sociology and will count toward your Sociology Major!

Email or call (206) 543-7537 if you would like to schedule an advising appointment or connect with the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies.

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