The Summer of Code – deadline 17 April

Interested in learning or improving your coding and technical skills by spending the summer in Silicon Valley?

The Summer of Code is a rare opportunity for students to get an immersive learning experience while also networking in the Bay Area this summer!

Whether you’ve always wanted to use technology to drive change or you’re simply curious and want to dip your toe into the world of tech, this program is for you.  Liberal Arts in Silicon Valley will teach you how software can be leveraged in a wide variety of fields. You’ll also get valuable coaching on personal skills that are critical for success. By the end of our course you’ll be able to use code and analytical tools to tackle problems you care about. No prior experience or course prerequisites necessary. Students with no background in tech are encouraged to apply.

The application deadline is Wednesday, 17 April 2019 – so make sure you submit your application on time!

The costs for the program are quite high, but there is financial assistance available for qualified applicants. Students requesting financial aid should indicate that on their application.

Program Details:

UW Application:


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