Washington Bus Summer Fellowship – Application Deadline 19 April

The Washington Bus is a non-partisan nonprofit that seeks to engage young people in politics and advocacy work and is offering it’s annual summer fellowship!

The Washington Bus Summer Fellowship is a political boot camp located in Seattle for young people between the ages of 18-25. Bus Fellows spend the summer learning campaign management tactics, grassroots organizing, public policy formation, and leadership skills. The fellowship prepares young people to take on leadership positions in campaigns, political movements, and nonprofit organizations.

The Washington Bus Fellowship is a 20 hour a week, ten week long program starting June 17, 2019. The application priority deadline is April 1, 2019. Fellows are provided a stipend of $1,500 over the course of the program.

Follow this link to complete the 2019 Washington Bus Fellowship Application!

For more information visit: http://www.wabuseducationfund.org/fellowship

If you have any questions or would like to recommend someone to the program, contact Leadership Coordinator Will Muhammad at will@washingtonbus.org or (206) 325-1889.

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