Summer Course Announcement

Looking for summer courses? Interested in how public spaces are designed, and how that influences social live in those public spaces?

Check out Public Space, Public Life (URBDP 498A/598A)!

Who are public spaces for? And who are they made by? What role do city squares play in a democracy? What kinds of parks do we love, and which ones make us uncomfortable? How do strangers watch each other in the city? What are the rules of behavior, and how are they enforced? Is a mall or a coffee shop a public space? Does it matter if everyone is looking at their screens? Do protests belong in the streets? Do people experiencing homelessness? How can architectural design or programmed activities change the character of public spaces?

This summer class will explore these questions in two ways. First, we will read texts and examine cases that illustrate how public spaces have been theorized, created, and studied. Second, students will do their own creative fieldwork in Seattle spaces to practice looking at, inhabiting, and intervening in public space.

Course Details

  • Public Space, Public Life
  • UrbDP 498A / 598A
  • Summer, full-term, 3 credits
  • M/W 9:30-11am, Smith 305
  • Instructor: Peter Dunn (
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