SERU Survey – Help Make College Campuses Better!

Undergraduates – the University wants to hear from you!

There’s an important student survey called the Student Experience in the Research University – or SERU for short. This survey helps the administration understand what the UW undergraduate experience is really like for students – especially about what is working well for students and where the UW could do better.

The SERU is a nationally-normed survey that measures the impact of the undergraduate college experience on such areas as critical thinking, academic preparation, research experiences, time management, and overall satisfaction, and results will be used to improve our understanding of where we are doing well and how we can improve.

The survey has been live for a couple weeks – while many have completed it, we can still do more to improve the response rate. Remember (because we’ve all taken stats), the higher response rate they get, the more applicable and representative the analyses they can conduct.

To complete the survey you can follow this link. When you complete the survey, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a prize, including an Apple Watch,  pairs of Apple AirPods, and $50 University Bookstore gift cards.

Take the survey and help contribute to improving the undergraduate experience at UW!

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