Live Off Campus? Help Your Fellow Student Researchers!

Students in the Sociology Research Practicum class are conducting original research on undergrad student experiences with off-campus housing. If that’s you, they would love to hear your thoughts! You can fill out the 5-10 minute long survey here, or by scanning the QR code below. Your answers will help inform the final report from the class, which will be presented to official from the City of Seattle at the end of the quarter.

This survey is a component of the Sociology Research Practicum Course. Each quarter, enrolled students conduct a research project, from start to finish, on a topic chosen by the City of Seattle. This quarter students in the class are studying the process of finding housing among undergraduate students living off-campus. To collect data, students created this survey and plan to interview other students around campus about their experiences with housing. At the end of the quarter the findings will be presented to officials from City of Seattle. 

For more information about the survey or to be interviewed, please contact the Practicum instructor, Steve Karceski, at

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