Welcome to Spring Quarter

Photo credit: Randall Perez [Photo description: A landscape photograph of the the UW quad, with a brick pathway, grass, and light pink cherry blossoms on the trees. Very few people are present.]

The cherry blossoms are back, but we aren’t. (In true social-distancing fashion you can watch them online here.)

As we enter spring quarter almost everything is different. Your instructors are working hard to transition your classes online and hopefully, over the course of this adjustment week, the dust will settle a little and our ‘new normal’ will emerge.

But teaching and learning during a pandemic isn’t normal and won’t be the same previous quarters. Everyone in the sociology department understands this and is adjusting our expectations accordingly. Dr. Kate Stovel, our department chair, has set our guiding principle for this quarter: patience, flexibility, compassion.

We’re all doing this new thing together and we want you to be aware of the resources available to you. Here are a few that may be helpful over the next few weeks:

  • Advising Appointments – Both Susanna and Randall are working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible. They are also open for virtual or phone advising appointments (email asksoc@uw.edu to set one up). There may be a lot of questions or weird problems that come up. Please shoot us an email and ask – let us do the hard part.
  • Writing Center – The Sociology Writing Center is fully digital this quarter. Once you get your class syllabus and assignments, email writesoc@uw.edu to set up an appointment. You can choose a Zoom meeting, email consultation, or Google Docs editing session. As a reminder, you can sign up for a meeting at any point in the writing process, even if it’s just to brainstorm or talk through the assignment. It’s possible that your classes will assign more writing this quarter (and that other writing centers will be busy), so please get in touch if you’d like help!

  • This Blog – We’ll keep you posted about upcoming deadlines, resources, or any changes you need to know about on this blog. With everything being online this quarter you will probably get a lot of emails; hopefully the streamlined information available here will be easier to navigate.

In the face of the unexpected, we’re excited to help you get the most out of this quarter and believe that sociology has a lot contribute to our understanding of the current moment. As we’re all figuring this out, please be in touch!

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