Bored? 15 Free Things To Do Online!

Watch a Broadway show! BroadwayHD is offering a a free 7-day trial (Tip: set a reminder in your phone to cancel the subscription before you get charged).

Tour an Andy Warhol exhibit at the Tate Modern.

Look at all the Japanese cherry blossoms blooming around the world.

Livestream the Aurora Borealis (i.e. the Northern Lights).

Play an online-version of Cards Against Humanity.

Take a weekly art class from MoMA.

Send your friends and family a message from a puppy!

Try to beat a Hogwarts Escape Room!

Color museum works from your couch.

Download Be My Eyes, an app that allows you to complete small tasks for people with vision impairments.

Do you know more than one language? If so, consider volunteering for Translators without Borders.

Exercise for free with YMCA360.

Watch a new opera every night.

Visit the Grand Canyon and “hike” around.

Enroll in a class at Hogwarts.

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