Casual, Online Drop-in Support

During “normal” times, therapists from the Counseling Center and Hall Health provide drop-in support to students. But things aren’t really “normal” right now and all of life’s uncertainty may be causing you some stress and anxiety.

Let’s Talk provides free, drop-in support with experienced therapists from the Counseling Center and Hall Health during designated hours.

How it Works

Students complete a questionnaire on the Let’s Talk website. Once you finish, the website displays a link to participate (you’ll be emailed a link too). During designated Let’s Talk hours, a counselor will be staffing the videoconferencing “room.” As always, Let’s Talk is confidential and secure.

The Caveats

Let’s Talk isn’t counseling, it’s a way for the Counseling Center to provide low-barrier informal support and resources. To access short-term therapy or groups, students should contact the Counseling Center at 206.543.1240 or Hall Health at 206.543.5030. Services are currently provided through Zoom and/or by phone.

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