More Animals Videos = Less Stress

Research suggests that viewing pictures and videos of cute animals is very beneficial! These videos lift our mood, can lead to “upward positivity spirals”, and increased life satisfaction and stress resilience. Researcher Hiroshi Nittono also found that viewing animal videos (specifically pictures of puppies, grumpy cat videos, and panda cams) increased people’s productivity, narrow their focus, and improved people’s skills and concentration.

All around, taking a break from life for a few minutes of fluffy, cute viewing is highly beneficial. In this spirit here are ten great Instagram accounts focusing on our animal friends.

@sarperduman | A man plays piano and is helped by his 19 excellent feline assistants.

@b.a.n.a.n.i.m.a.l | Daily posts of animals eating bananas. From hairless opossums to baby turkeys, it’s always a surprise how many different animals like this yellow fruit!

@suetoshi_farm | This farm in Japan has so many different animals and they all seem to live in harmony? It’s unclear how it all works but it’s lovely. | This account focuses on cute animals. Enough said.

@pixelmatedanimals | Top-notch Photoshop skills behind @pixelmatedanimals create incredible mashups of animals. A llama with the face of a cat? A polar bear with the head of a meerkat? Seems like the right time for some of these creatures to join your life.

@strangeanimals_ | More strange and unique than cute and fluffy, but this account always delivers interesting, daily photos and information about the animal kingdom.

@wasabi_harihari | A hedgehog that dresses up and poses in cute scenes for a treat!

@gaao9yo | Same idea as her friend @wasabi_harihari above but she’s a flying squirrel.

@cats_in_food | Another high-quality photoshop account where cats end up in delicious meals and treats.

@smol.posts | An account that focuses on the tiniest among us. Very concentrated levels of cuteness happening here.

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