C21 Internship Bootcamp

Which is more important in an internship: real-world skills and professional experience, or someone to challenge you to take risks, and give you the hard feedback you need to grow?

It’s not easy to find an internship that does both, especially right now. So the College to Career Initiative built one — just for Arts and Sciences students.

This summer they’re launching an immersive professional training program. It’s called an internship bootcamp because you do the work of an intern in a consulting firm, with structured practice on key project management skills that apply in any field, from companies to non-profits to startups.

Find full program information here: https://c21.washington.edu/our-programs/c21-internship-bootcamp

C21 Internship Bootcamp | C21: The Center for 21st Century Liberal Learning

Everyone knows you need an internship. But as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, many internships have been canceled or shortened. It is harder than ever to find an internship, and harder still to find one that really develops the key skills you need.


Are you ready to invest in yourself this summer?

For questions, please email: arielise@uw.edu

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