Solidarity with BLM & Undergraduate Resources

Let’s get straight to the point: The UW Sociology Department stands in support of and in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Many of us in the Sociology Department – students, staff, and faculty – are in pain and grieving. Many among us are actively involved in seeking change.

The current moment will hold historical significance for all of us. Our hope, as sociologists, is that this movement will catalyze change for police accountability, racial justice, and a better version of our society for all of us – particularly our Black friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

Here we have compiled a list of resources. Please use them to take care of yourself, process your experience, educate yourself, and act.

Statement from Dr. Kate Stovel, Chair of UW Sociology

Sociological Perspectives on the Current Moment:

Sociology Grad Student Willing to Chat:

The sociology graduate students listed here are willing to process the current moment with you. Reach out to them using their listed email addresses.

Resources for Black Students

Resources for Other Marginalized Students (Listed Alphabetically)

Resources for International Students

Resources for White Students

UW-Specific Resources

  • S/NS Grades – An email about converting classes this quarter to or from S/NS grades will be sent to all students who are registered this quarter. If you have questions about the process, please get in touch with the Sociology Advising Office (; 206-543-5396). A special link, requesting changes will be available starting Wednesday June 17th.
  • UW Counseling Center
  • Let’s Talk (Student Support via Zoom, no appointment necessary)
  • Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center (Student Resources and Opportunities)
  • SafeCampus (Student & Employee 24 Hour Hotline Support)
  • Bias Incident Reporting Tool (Student & Employee Resources and Incident Report Form)

UW-Specific Actions

Additional Resources

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