Interested in Criminology? Consider the University of Maryland Program!

If you’ve found SOC 371 (Criminology), SOC 271 (Social Control and Deviance), or any of the related classes interesting, you might want to look into grad programs in Criminology. The University of Maryland offers both MA and PhD programs in Criminology and Criminal Justice.  The MA program is designed to provide a strong intellectual and quantitative background for those who plan a career in criminology and criminal justice research.  The PhD degree is geared to the training of cutting edge researchers and leading scholars in criminology and criminal justice.  Students with a BA/BS degree may choose to apply for entry either into the MA program or directly into the PhD program. The requirement of the GRE for the Masters program application.

While the admission rate varies each year, the program usually admits approximately 15 new students annually.  Graduate students are supported through fellowships, research and teaching assistantships. For example, the university’s prestigious Flagship Fellowship, awarded to the most competitive applicant(s) each year, includes an academic year stipend of at least $25,000 plus tuition remission and potential for summer funding.  Additionally, externally-funded research projects create research assistantship positions which also provide a stipend and tuition benefits.

For more information, please contact or visit University of Maryland’s website  

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