Story Editor Opportunity

In partnership with the Campus Sustainability Fund, the UW Resilience Lab awards Seed Grants to support resilience- and compassion-building initiatives that foster connection and community. The Komorebi Project is one among the grants selected this year to pursue and fulfill its vision as a UW collective, by and for the community.

Komorebi is a multimedia project that aims to bring the UW community together, by sharing what home is to them and finding home in other areas of their life that they may not have considered before: in their own bodies, in others, or in objects present in their daily lives. Through Komorebi readers can learn from, and find resilience, in our communities. This is a space where contributors can reflect on their own vulnerable experiences and express their emotions through creative formats comfortable to them.

Komorebi is currently looking for dedicated story editors to join their project!
The application details are detailed below. If you have any questions or concerns, the team can be reached at

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