Welcome to the New Year!

Happy new year and welcome back! We’re excited to get in the swing of things again and are here for anything you may need: registering for classes, applying to be a new Sociology major, or answering questions rolling around in the back of your mind.

First up this year on the blog are some possible classes you can take this quarter to learn more about research and enhance your skills while growing your research community.

Seminar for Undergraduate Researchers in STEM

Gen St. 297 D | SLN: 22037 | Thursdays, 4:00-4:50 p.m. | 2 Credits

This course was created to expand students’ community of researchers. It is geared for students about to begin or currently involved in research. More info about the course and how to register is on our Undergraduate Research Seminar website.

Research Exposed! Population Health

Gen St. 391 D | SLN:15106 | Wednesdays, 12:30-1:20 p.m. | 1 Credit

This is a great faculty speaker series geared to provide an understanding of research in various disciplines. For information on the course and speakers is on our RE! course website.

UW Libraries Undergraduate Research Tutorial

In collaboration with the Undergraduate Research Program, the UW Libraries created a Canvas tutorial for undergraduate student researchers that supports student research skills across disciplines. Students can access and complete the tutorial in Canvas. Faculty and instructors can import the whole tutorial or individual modules into their Canvas Course via UW Canvas Commons. For additional information, visit our website.  

Undergraduate Research Leaders Presentations and Panels

In addition, the Undergraduate Research Leaders continue to bring awareness and share their experiences as peer researchers for students. If you’d like to request URLs to come to your courses or advising groups to present or be part of a panel, please complete the URL Request Form.

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