Meet Other Huskies and Learn Something New!

Join Unite UW for spring 2021 to make lifelong friends through cultural exchange, story sharing, and fun bonding activities. Facilitator applications due March 31, participant applications due April 2 – apply now!

Unite UW is adapting to continue connecting students through cultural exchange, community building, and lots of fun activities. During this 7-week program, they provide an inviting and judgement-free environment for domestic and international students to share stories and experiences, to make sense of who you are, and to bond over differences. Through Unite UW, many huskies have found their best college friends and a home-like community that celebrates diversity and embraces their unique identities.

Unite UW runs every quarter with 7-week commitment. For Spring 2021, Unite UW is going virtual again. The virtual sessions for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 Unite UW programs were very successful and Unite UW is very confident in their ability to implement another fun and engaging online program in Spring!

Check out more activity photos at
Facebook: Unite UW
Instagram: @Unite.UW
Questions? Email:

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