Gaming at UW

Identity in the Workplace: Inclusivity in the Gaming Industry

Wednesday, April 28 from 6 to 7pm

Our next ‘Identity in the Workplace’ panel event is a conversation with three panelists from underrepresented backgrounds sharing their personal experience about working in the gaming industry. Video games are now a multi-billion-dollar industry with numerous career pathways in the development, marketing, and monetization of games. The industry is largely made up of professionals who identify as either white or male, and our panelists will share both about their career pathway and also their experience as an underrepresented person working in this field. We want to acknowledge that our panelists do not aim to represent all marginalized or underrepresented populations in the gaming industry and will be sharing from their personal experience in the field.      

Join an eSports Team

Interested in the competitive esports scene? Tryout to represent UW on one of our three official esports teams (League of LegendsRocket LeagueOverwatch). Join the UW Esports Discord to learn more. 

HUB Games are Open

HUB Games activities are open by reservation for the UW community. UW community members are allowed to bring one non-UW guest. Reserve your spot online at, email, or call 206-543-5975.

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