C21 Summer Internship Bootcamp

Below is a quick message from a fellow UW student, letting you know about a very exciting opportunity!

This is Camryn and I am a student in the College of Arts and Sciences! I want to share an upcoming summer opportunity with you to expand on your professional skills through a 3-week virtual immersive training program hosted by the Center for 21st Century Liberal Learning (C21). 

As a former participant in the program and a current intern with C21, this program exceeded my expectations! It helped me feel confident about my ability to stand out and leave a positive impression in any professional setting. Below are some insights from another Fall 2020 participant and current intern: 

Before Internship Bootcamp, I had no prior internship experience and I was very worried about finding opportunities. This program made me realize that just being a good student doesn’t guarantee that I’ll be a good working professional, and it gave me the space to develop specific skills that will make me more desirable to any employer.

Internship Bootcamp is exclusively for Arts and Sciences students during summer quarter (June 21, 2021 – July 9, 2021). The priority deadline is Friday, May 28th 11:59pm (PST). 

Apply here: https://c21.washington.edu/our-programs/c21-internship-bootcamp

We encourage you all to apply as soon as possible to secure a spot within the program. Applications will be selected on a rolling basis, so submit early if you are interested. 

***Plan ahead – if summer is not an option but you’d like to hear about future C21 programming, get in touch with us here: https://c21.washington.edu/connect/contact-us

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