Independent research in sociology allows students to work closely with faculty on current faculty research projects or on student and faculty designed projects. Similar to internships, independent research can be a valuable part of the undergraduate program, providing experience critical to future employment and graduate work.

Students may receive credit for research  in three ways:

  • SOC 494 (5 graded credits) 
  • SOC 499 (2-5 non-graded credits)

SOC 494: Sociology Practica

Practica courses immerse students in real-world projects with local organizations and businesses. Practica projects address real issues, and their outcomes have a direct impact on the organizations and the communities they serve. Students leave each practicum with new skill sets, connections in the community, and a deepened understanding of scientific inquiry and study.

For more information, follow the link below:


Students may also receive 2-5 credits through SOC 499.

Registering for SOC 499 credit involves two steps:

  • find a faculty supervisor
  • complete the SOC 499 Registration Form

Step One: Find a Faculty Supervisor

Think about contacting a faculty member whose class you enjoyed taking or whose research area interests you. You can also look at faculty areas of interest to find a faculty member or project that interests you and then contact that faculty member via email.

Step Two: Complete the SOC 499 Registration Form

You can pick up a hard copy of the SOC 499 Registration Form outside the Sociology Advising Office, or access it below. When your faculty sponsor has signed your form and you have attached your research proposal, turn it in to the Sociology Advising Office and we will register you for the credits.

                                         SOC 499 REGISTRATION FORM


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