Summer B-term Class in Prison

Join Honors 230A (summer B term) for an unforgettable summer quarter at the Monroe prison, where we will hold class sessions there with inmate students. We will discuss issues relating to education inside prison: what are the constraints? what are the public perceptions? what kinds of educational options do the prisoners have? We will produce a variety of written responses, some of which may be published for a broader audience in various media, and we hope to produce some video responses as well.

During B term we will go to the prison on Wednesdays (leaving campus at 11:00, returning by 5:00, transportation provided). We also plan to spend an entire day at the Monroe Correctional Complex on Tuesday, Aug. 12, when we will have the opportunity to tour the entire (very large) facility. Students must be 18 years old and will need to submit information to receive clearance from the Dept. of Corrections.

Students do NOT need to be in the Honors program to sign up for the class. Contact Claudia Jensen ( for more information and for the add code. 5 credits, DIV.

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